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‘Pigeon Wings STRIKE’ is a New Endless ‘Pigeon Wings’ that’s Looking for Beta Testers

What started out as a small two month project between two indie developers back in the summer of 2015 actually ballooned into a two YEAR project called Pigeon Wings ($1.99), which launched back in August of 2017. Pigeon Wings is a side-scrolling racing game that plays like a cave flyer mixed with a shoot ’em up, and it’s extremely awesome. We loved it in our review, chose it for our Game of the Week when it released, included it in our Top 100 Games of 2017 list, and I picked it as one of my personal favorites of 2017. So yeah, it’s pretty good. Unlike most cave flyers Pigeon Wings is a level-based game, but a few months after its release an update added a cool endless mode to the game, which fans had been requesting. The only problem was that, according to the developer’s own analytics, hardly anyone played that endless mode. Enter: Pigeon Wings STRIKE, a brand new fully-featured endless follow-up to Pigeon Wings.

Pigeon Wings STRIKE will include many of the features that the developers had wanted to include in the original game’s endless mode but didn’t have time to implement. It’ll feature brand new unlockable characters like Cunningham the hotshot hamster and Presto the “literal fish out of water." There will also be a local multiplayer mode so you can party up with friends IRL and get your Pigeon Wings on. Finally Pigeon Wings STRIKE will feature more enemies, more layout parts, more achievements, and is basically a full sequel to the original game. Pigeon Wings STRIKE is only weeks away from release but the developers could use some beta testing help to iron out any last minute issues, so if you’re interested in that then head over to our forums and register your interest and look for this one to launch in the very near future.