Side-Scrolling Racer ‘Pigeon Wings’ Gets New Endless Mode and iPhone X Support in Latest Update

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Back in early August developers Ignacio Schiefelbein and Kris Hattori released their years-in-development side-scrolling, racing-focused cave flyer Pigeon Wings ($1.99) to a very positive reception. Not only did we pick it as our Game of the Week when it came out, but we awarded it 5 stars in our review, saying it was the “epitome of what makes games on the mobile platform so unique and one-of-a-kind" and commending its “tight controls, smooth gameplay, attractive art style, and great music." Basically, Pigeon Wings is real good, ya’ll! And unlike most similar games, Pigeon Wings was a level-based racer, not an endless high scorer, which caused quite a heated competition to break out in our forums as players battled back and forth trading best times on each level. However, that doesn’t mean people didn’t WANT an endless mode for added replay value and competition, and today the developers have answered that request with a brand new endless mode for Pigeon Wings.

The way you access the new endless mode is by swiping the title screen to the left, though you’ll have to have completed at least level 1-4 in the main campaign first before unlocking, which is really just a few minutes of work even for brand new players. Another great feature in this update is support for the full screen of the iPhone X as well as native resolution support for the iPhone 6, 7, and 8, both regular and Plus size models. Yes, that means no more slightly fuzzy visuals, huzzah! Honestly Pigeon Wings is easily one of my favorite releases of the year, and the story of its development is also very interesting. It sounds like now that endless mode is shipped there will be some new campaign missions to look forward to in the future, so it should only get better from here. For a measly two bucks and no IAP it should most definitely be on your radar if you enjoy high speed cave flyers, racing games, or a combination of both.

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