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Watch a New Trailer for ‘Heaven’s Vault’ from Inkle Studios Right Here Ahead of Its Release Later This Year

There are a few developers who manage to put out quality games consistently and for me, inkle Studios is exactly that. I’ve been a fan since the Sorcery! games and was pretty blown away by their fantastic 80 Days. It has been two years since they revealed a new project. This ended up being Heaven’s Vault which is an archaeological adventure game that is coming ot PC, Consoles, and iOS. The initial trailer for it showcased how ambitious the project was at the time. Watch it below:

I wasn’t joking about it being more ambitious than other inkle projects. It is open world as well and you join Aliya Elasra with her sidekick (who is a robot) exploring Nebula. There are loads of ruins and even a full hieroglyphic language with puzzles and progression is non linear. I can’t wait to get into it on iPad. Watch the new trailer revealed for it today below:

If you’re interested in finding out more about the game, check out the official website for Heaven’s Vault. I hope the mobile release isn’t too long after the PS4 and PC release because these games play best on portables for me. Heaven’s Vault is currently set for a Spring 2019 release on PC and PS4 platforms with mobile to follow after.