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Inkle Announces Their Latest Game: ‘Heaven’s Vault’

Inkle has revealed the first details of its newest game, Heaven’s Vault. Essentially its third major title after 80 Days ($4.99) and the four-part Sorcery series of games, this is Inkle expanding a bit on their narrative game expertise. You’ll help guide Aliya “El" Elsara and her robot assistant Six as they journey through the Nebula. This is a network of rivers that flow from one moon to the next, and somewhere in these ruins, there’s a shocking truth to be discovered.

Part of Heaven’s Vault will involve learning and translating the language of the Ancients of the Nebula. But of course, you’ll have some options on how to play, whether you care to act as a virtuous detective, or perhaps a mischievous rogue, or something else entirely. Inkle is one of the dominant forces in narrative games and interactive fiction, and Heaven’s Vault sounds like another immensely intriguing title from the studio. It’s in the works for mobile, desktop, and console.