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‘Lost Sock’ Answers the Age Old Question of Where Your Socks Disappear to in the Washer

Since the dawn of time socks have been disappearing from our laundry. It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe. An even number of socks go into the wash, but an odd number comes out. What happens to that lost sock? Where does it go? At long last we finally have our answer, thanks to developer Tim Ketz and his aptly titled upcoming mobile game Lost Sock. It turns out that there are giant gaps inside our washing machines where the socks have a tendency to wiggle out and disappear forever. Who knew? In Lost Sock you’ll control the spinning of the washer by touching the screen as you try and collect the coins with your tumbling socks while also avoiding letting them get lost into one of those pesky gaps. Yes, it’s incredibly silly, as you’ll see in the trailer.

Using your collected coins you’ll be able to buy new types of detergents and of course new types of socks which, as you can get a hint of in the trailer, aren’t always your typical white tube socks. Lost Sock is set to launch on January 30th and it’ll be a free game, and if you’re into the whole pre-ordering thing you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now. Also the developer is in our forums offering up promo codes for the game ahead of its release, so you can always try to go that route. Otherwise you can simply wait for it the old-fashioned way and grab it at the end of the month.