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Point and Click Adventure Game ‘Detective Gallo’ is Coming to iOS Tomorrow

Most mobile gamers are probably familiar with developer Mixed Bag by way of their stylish adventure cave flyer Forma.8 GO ($4.99), which was originally announced as a mobile game way back at E3 in 2012 with a release planned for the following winter. Well, that didn’t exactly work out, but after making its way to basically every console platform and PC, Forma.8 did finally launch on mobile in June of 2017, 5 years after its original unveiling. Thankfully it was totally worth the wait. Anyway, in addition to their own development, Mixed Bag is also in the porting and publishing business, and in August of last year they helped bring the cartoon-noir adventure game Detective Gallo from Footprints Games to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Now according to their Twitter account they’ll be bringing the title to iOS tomorrow. Here’s the launch trailer.

As with most point-and-click adventure games, Detective Gallo should be a perfect fit for the touchscreen. The developers point out classic Disney cartoons as inspiration for the game and promise “Dozens and dozens of logical puzzles and quests" as well as more than 50 minutes of snappy original jazz-noir music. According to a reply tweet from Mixed Bag, Detective Gallo will be $4.99 when it launches on the App Store. And of course due to the wacky nature of digital releases, the “tomorrow" release could actually mean later tonight US time, so if it happens to land ahead of our weekly new games roundup we’ll be sure to include it there. Otherwise we’ll give you a separate heads up when Detective Gallo lands on iOS.