Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Aion: Legions of War’, ‘Alien: Blackout’, ‘Beat Cop’, ‘Langrisser Mobile’ and Tons More

Woooo boy if you’re in the midwest, this is a great day to be inside. In the Chicago area here in the last 48 hours or so we’ve had this really awesome weather that’s been alternating between rain, then snow, then being cold enough for both the rain and snow to freeze, repeat. My driveway has thicker ice on it than an ice skating rink. It’s also National Pie Day, which makes me wish I had a pie. But, when do you not wish you had a pie? While you’re pondering life’s great questions like these, check out some of the new games that have been posted to our forums lately.

I think the big game to watch this week is going to be Alien: Blackout. We got an early copy of the game, and it’s really good. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it’s going to be absolutely roasted by the Real Gamer crew who have been trained to believe all mobile games are garbage. However, if you don’t share that belief and are without an extreme anti-mobile bias, I think most people will really dig it- Particularly if you have any interest in the Aliens universe.

Anyway, here’s the list right now of games that have been posted to our forums. If your game isn’t here, post a thread for it so it’s included in this evening’s “full" roundup: