Our 2018 Game of the Year ‘Oddmar’ is Now Available on Android

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We’re primarily iOS folks around these parts, but we also try to keep an eye out for interesting stuff to tell our Android-using friends about. To be honest, the days of Android being drastically behind iOS in terms of games has been behind us for a number of years and much of the stuff we’re posting about iOS gaming can easily be applied to the Android side of the coin. But there’s been one pretty big exception for the past nine months and that is the absolutely gorgeous platformer Oddmar ($4.99). Well the developers have good news for you Android users, and if the title and direction of this post so far hasn’t given it away already then this very cute teaser definitely will.

Still not getting it? Let me spell it out. Oddmar is now available on the Google Play Store for Android! And unlike the iOS version which is paid up front, the Android version is available for free with the first chapter playable and then the full game unlockable as a $4.99 IAP. That means you can try it out and make sure it works well on your device, and that you actually enjoy it, before plunking down any cash. I think if you like platformers though you won’t have any problems throwing down some dough for this one. Oddmar is like a playable cartoon with more heart and personality than just about any other mobile game around. Check out this trailer.

If that trailer alone hasn’t sold you, then check out our full review of Oddmar from when it launched this past April, as well as our Game of the Week writeup from that same time. Apple also loved Oddmar a lot and gave it an Apple Design Award during WWDC last June. Oh yeah, and we also picked Oddmar as our Game of the Year for 2018 amongst a LOT of fierce competition. So yeah, we think it’s pretty good, and I’m very pleased that Android folks will now get to experience one of the most enjoyable mobile-exclusive platformers around.

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