‘Golden Axe Classics’ Updated with ‘Golden Axe 2’ and ‘Golden Axe 3’

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After the past two days of teasing, we no longer have to wonder what SEGA Forever is up to with the Golden Axe franchise. You may recall that they teased Golden Axe 2 on their Twitter on Monday, and then followed that with a tease for Golden Axe 3 just yesterday. This led me to wonder if we’d be getting a double dose of Golden Axe with both sequels being released to the SEGA Forever line separately, or if SEGA would update the existing Golden Axe Classic on the App Store with the sequels available in a bundle similar to their Shining Force Classics (Free) app. And now we know it was the latter option! Golden Axe Classic has been updated to Golden Axe ClassicS (Free) and now features both sequels in one handy app.

As with all the SEGA Forever releases, you can play both Golden Axe 2 and Golden Axe 3 entirely for free with ads, but you can also pay a one-time fee to remove those ads and enable saving anytime. In this particular case each game can be made ad-free for $1.99 each, or you can pay $4.99 for a bundle to make them all ad-free in one fell swoop and save yourself a buck in the process. If you’ve already bought the original Golden Axe then the bundle might not be the way to go, but any way you slice it these are three excellent classics all available for a great price, or even for free if ads don’t bother you.

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    All three 16-bit chapters of SEGA’s Golden Axe series hit SEGA Forever in one single app! Get ready to wield your axe,…
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