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Psychological Adventure ‘Veritas’ From Glitch Games Delayed to 2019 but New Trailer Released

It’s been a few years since developer Glitch Games finished off their phenomenal horror adventure series Forever Lost, and in November of last year we took our first look at what they’ve been working on in the meantime. It’s a psychological mystery adventure called Veritas that has you playing as a participant in a strange science experiment being conducted by a company called Veritas Industries. You wake up in a special facility that was designed specifically for participants to live in, but you have no memory of anything other than signing up to take part in the experiment. Your goal is to piece together what has happened and discover the truth to the experiment, and find a way out of the facility. But as the game’s tagline says, “What is truth, and does it even matter?" Up to this point we’ve only had screens of Veritas, but this week Glitch has released a brand new trailer which gives us a really good look at the setting of the game as well as giving us goosebumps with its haunting vibe.

So while a long-awaited trailer and lenghtier look at this highly-anticipated game is extremely great news, there’s a downside to it as well. Originally planned for launch in 2018 Glitch Games has officially delayed Veritas to sometime in 2019. The bright side, if you choose to look at it that way, is that 2019 is only a couple of months away, so if Glitch can really kick things into gear then maybe it won’t be all that long until we can play Veritas. However, with a game of this caliber the last thing in the world I would want is for the developers to rush it just to make a release date, and I know Glitch Games wouldn’t do something like that anyway. This will be worth the wait, I think. So until we get our next bit of information about the game’s development, just know you can look forward to Veritas coming to iOS, Android, and desktop sometime next year.