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Massive Monster-Collecting RPG ‘Siralim 3’ Hits Steam with a Mobile Version Coming Later this Month

It’s been more than four years since Thylacine Studios released their incredibly deep Siralim (Free) to the App Store. An RPG at its core but pretty undefinable beyond that, our own Shaun Musgrave lovingly referred to the original Siralim as “an overstuffed endless pit of RPG joy." It was a game that was massively ambitious which led to it being somewhat rough around the edges upon release. We still loved it in our original review, and following its release a near endless supply of updates polished that lump of coal into a shiny diamond by way of numerous fixes and new features. Siralim went on to earn a dedicated fan base and was ported to additional platforms beyond mobile.

About two years following Siralim’s release, Thylacine took everything that they had learned from that first game and its updates and put it into a massive new sequel appropriately titled Siralim 2 ($4.99). As we noted in our review of that one, Siralim 2 “takes everything great about the first game, adds a few smartly-designed systems to give players even more to do, and tosses a story in there for good measure." With a similar level of post-release support, Siralim 2 was the ultimate realization of crazy RPG-roguelike-monster-collecting mashup. So where the heck do we go from here? Why, Siralim 3 of course! Here’s what it looks like.

Following a stint in Early Access, Siralim 3 has officially hit Steam this week with more platforms in its sights. Mobile is of course among them and according to a post from the developer in our forums the mobile versions of Siralim 2 should be arriving at some point this month. There’s no specific date in mind, just “when it’s ready" but it sounds like they’re basically at the finish line already. One of the first questions fans might be asking themselves is “What’s different about Siralim 3 compared to the previous game?" Well, THAT is a loaded question, but a good place to start to find an answer is the game’s FAQ page.

Siralim 3 will be $4.99 on mobile and is shooting for a console release sometime in 2019, and since you can save your progress in the cloud you’ll be able to switch between all platforms and continue playing the same game, which is a godsend for such a deep game. We’ll let you know when Siralim 3 lands on the App Store in the coming days.