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Radiangames is Releasing Their Next Title on October 18th

Back in August we reported on the plan that Radiangames had to get back into releasing games on the App Store. If Radiangames doesn’t ring a bell, their whole catalog is great, and still worth checking out as most (all?) of their games were recently updated for iOS 11. The tale of Radiangames is a typical one, in that they made a huge impact on the App Store with a bunch of premium titles and then tried to zag when the rest of the iOS ecosystem zigged towards free to play. Anyway, originally slated for September, their next title is due out on the App Store on October 18th.

It’s called Pivotol and it’s a puzzler that’s giving me some low-level Lumines vibes. As you can see in the above video, the matching mechanic involves rotating blocks of four and chain together six at a time to clear them off the board. It’s totally endless, and there’s no time crunch. Radiangames is releasing this as their first free title, and it’ll have ads some some optional IAP to fuel the financial furnaces.

For more details, you can either check out the developer blog or the thread in our forums. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled in a couple weeks for news of Pivotol’s release.