Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Brewtown Tycoon’, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’, ‘Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze’ and Much More

Today is National Kale Day, which I’d argue might be the least fun of all the made up holidays I’ve been posting since I started this whole thing years ago. This week’s release cycle is going to be a little weird, as I’m traveling to RuneFest today (mobile Runescape is turning out to be a pretty big deal!) and Jared has the week off to celebrate his first wedding anniversary. So, there might be some stuff we’re missing in the roundups this week as the main one is going to go up before I fly out, which is way earlier in the day than we usually post them. If you check this link, you’ll see newer forum threads and anything I’m missing will pop up there.

Here’s the list so far, which very likely is not complete:

Sorry for this being a weirder week, we try pretty hard to not have travel conflicts!