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Radiangames Plans to Release 4 Free Games by December on the App Store

It has been interesting seeing Luke Schneider AKA Radiangames discuss various aspects of game development over the years. The complete Radiangames catalogue of classic iOS games even got a nice update and discount last year and now Luke has just posted a look at what is happening in the future for Radiangames. Development is back in full swing and in addition to Overload that is coming to consoles soon after debuting on PC platforms earlier.

Luke is working on a new puzzle game set to release in September that has its visuals in development now. He will work on Slydris 2 after that. The interesting thing to note is that a new group of games is planned to release by December and all of them will be free with video ads. These will be structured differently to Radiangames’ usual releases. The first release will be a test and experiment for Radiangames into video ad supported free games on iOS.

The plan for Slydris 2 is to pull out all the stops. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Radiangames also mentions that if Slydris 2 isn’t successful at bringing in a steady flow of income, the next few games might be in another genre. Plans after that will be confirmed in the holidays. It is always great seeing more of what most developers don’t reveal to the public blogged about. I’m looking forward to reading a post mortem on the ad supported model for Radiangames’ new releases.