Amazon Item of the Day: Elevation Lab’s CordDock – A “Experimental” iPhone Charger

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Alright so yesterday I posted about the Elevation Dock 4 by Elevation Lab and mentioned that today I’d be focusing on another dock-like solution from the same company. Today we’re looking at the CordDock, which is an interesting spin on the whole idea of an iPhone dock, but in 2018 the use cases aren’t as fantastic as they would have been a few years ago.

Rolling the clock back to the early days of iOS, the iPhones and iPads of hardcore users seemed to be semi-permanently tethered to your computer. Backing up to iTunes, managing music, dealing with apps, and even things like your home screen layout could all be done through iTunes. This was the primary way I loaded content on my device, as most of the early iOS product user flow was just mirrored directly from how you dealt with your iPod. Apple has walked practically all of that back now, and I haven’t even plugged my iPhone X into a computer. You just don’t need to anymore. But, there was a time where I would have killed for something like the CordDock as I was constantly syncing, charging, playing, and dealing with my iPhone plugged into my machine.

(It doesn’t seem like Elevation Lab made an official video for this dock, but the Apple Insider video is great.)

Now days, the CordDock makes a really great bed-side charger. My normal usage of my iPhone at night might be kind of weird, but, whatever. I use these headphones paired with my iPhone, and often listen to podcasts. A lot of the time though, I use this pre-sleep laying in bed time to catch up on Netflix shows. For a while I was trying to use wireless chargers everywhere, but what’d happen is I’d be watching Netflix, fall asleep, and wake up the next morning with my iPhone not in the charger dock and mostly dead from auto-playing shows for hours.

With the CordDock, I am able to combine the functionality of a dock I can just rest my iPhone in effortlessly along with a larger charging cable that I can pull out when I need to keep it connected. Someone in the Amazon reviews mentioned this dock being great for the car, which I could also see- Particularly if you’re lucky enough to have a newer car with Apple CarPlay and need to keep your iPhone connected for it to work. The CordDock is an interesting product from Elevation Lab as for me it solves one very specific problem with how I like to use my iPhone, but it probably isn’t for everyone.

I guess that’s why they’re not bashful about calling this an “experimental" charger.

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