Amazon Item of the Day: The Anker Wireless Charger Phone Stand – The Best Wireless Charger

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If you’ve got an iPhone X and aren’t onboard with wireless charging yet, you really need to solve that problem. I love this Anker Wireless Charger Phone Stand specifically, as if you have it on your desk between your keyboard and your monitor, it holds your iPhone at the perfect angle to unlock via Face ID, without even picking it up. Also, since it uses the Qi standard, it will work with anything else that supports it like Android devices and (presumably) future iPhones provided Apple doesn’t do something lame like lock down the charging method they use.

At $17.99 as of this writing, the Anker Wireless Charger Phone Stand is pretty much in line with what a lot of these chargers cost, if not being a little on the low end. It’s also made by Anker, which we’re huge fans of. This particular charging stand does not come with an AC adapter, so you’ll either need to plug it in to your computer (which is what I’m doing) or use literally any USB charger you have laying around with it. Amazon recommends pairing it with this charger, but I doubt it makes much difference- Wireless charging is pretty slow anyway.

Using this charger stand while I work means my iPhone X is pretty much always full on battery, and if I get a call or need to use my iPhone I just grab it off the stand and put it back when I’m done. It’s a super cool setup, and one I can’t recommend enough. Oh, also, it’ll charge your iPhone X both horizontally or vertically, so if you’re the kind of person who watches movies or plays some auto-play game during the day, it works that way too.

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