Blast from the Past: 2011 Platformer ‘Storm in a Teacup’ Remastered in New Free Update

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I’ve been playing mobile games for ten years now, and in that time all sorts of memorable games have come and gone. Some leave a more lasting impression than others, and even if I haven’t thought about a certain game in a long time, just seeing its name can bring back a flood of good memories and even transport me back to the time when I was heavily into that particular game. Kind of like hearing an old song on the radio. That’s exactly what happened to me today when I saw a post in our forums from Cobra Mobile announcing a brand new update to their 2011 platformer Storm in a Teacup ($2.99). In the game you play as a boy named Storm who is riding around in a magical flying teacup. Your goal, as in any platformer, is to traverse the game’s levels collecting items, avoiding enemies and hazards, and discovering secrets using the teacup flying mechanic. Since you can only fly for a short amount of time, the entire game is built around utilizing these short bursts of flying in order to conquer all the game’s challenges. Today, a new free update has arrived giving Storm in a Teacup a complete makeover with remastered artwork that looks great on modern high-resolution displays, and even includes full screen support for the iPhone X.

While Storm in a Teacup might seem a bit quaint nowadays, it’s no less fun than it was seven years ago when it released. The levels are really cleverly designed around maximizing your flying, and you’ll slowly learn how to properly feather your taps to get the most flying time as possible as well as use your inertia and the game’s physics to make your way through the game’s 40 challenging levels. And if you’re able to collect all the various hidden goodies throughout the game, you can unlock a bunch of character customization options and a full set of Bonus Levels as well as Survival and Challenge modes. If you’re impatient you can also unlock all that stuff immediately with a 99¢ IAP, but it’s totally unnecessary and in my opinion kind of defeats the purpose of playing the game. But hey, different strokes and all that! For more on Storm in a Teacup you can read our original 2011 review and check out the game’s forum thread, and whether you were a fan originally or this is the first you’re hearing of it I’d take this latest update as an opportunity to experience or re-experience this charming and unique little game.

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