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‘Banner Saga 3’ Hitting Desktop and Console July 24th, Mobile Versions Coming Later this Year

Banner Saga ($9.99) and Banner Saga 2 ($9.99) are two of the best tactical role-playing games on any platform, and they feel especially at home on the touchscreen of a mobile device. We knew that the series was planned to be a trilogy, and with so much drama and plot elements built up from the first two entries fans have been dying to see how things will wrap up with the third and final entry. We first heard Banner Saga 3 was in the works back in January of last year, and the following October we got an awesome new trailer. Now the time has finally come for Banner Saga 3 to actually release, although mobile players will have to wait a bit longer. Banner Saga 3 is set to hit PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 24th, and if you pre-order on PC ahead of then, this video below details what types of bonuses are in store for you as well as shows off a bit of this gorgeous game in motion.

As for the mobile release, well all we know right now is that it’s planned for sometime later this year. Let’s hope that’s not TOO much later, but I guess I can be patient. If you have yet to experience the Banner Saga games, I’d highly suggest checking into them if you’re cool with story-rich, fairly hardcore tactical strategy games. It’s not only a challenging game, but it also forces you to make a lot of challenging decisions, and the experience can be quite impactful. You can read our full review of the original game as well as Shaun’s mega in-depth RPG Reload feature on it. Then check out our review of the follow-up, Banner Saga 2. If you’re planning on playing Banner Saga 3 on PC then I’d totally go the pre-order route with the sweet bonuses, otherwise look for the game on consoles July 24th and on mobile hopefully not too much later than that.