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‘Banner Saga 3’ Trailer Shows Off the Game’s Lovely Art

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Banner Saga 3 , the last of the great Viking trilogy, is still a long ways off—not coming until 2018—but today we got to see a bit more of what’s in store for us once it releases. The game’s latest trailer shows off some of the game’s key artwork and hints at the story that is to come. The developer has been perfecting its hand-drawn art style throughout the series, and it looks like the third and final entry will have the best art in the series, and that’s saying something given how pretty the other two games were. Banner Saga 3 will bring the whole story to a close as all the secrets will be revealed and character motives will be made clear.

If you haven’t yet played the previous two episodes of Banner Saga ($9.99), you’re missing out on a great series that combines tactical gameplay with a lovely story and painful choices. The first in the series was a huge success, so much so that the developers decided not to Kickstart the second episode and ended up with disappointing sales. Episode 3 went back to the Kickstarter ways and brought in half a million dollars, which shows the popularity of the series. Banner Saga 3 is not coming until 2018, so you have time to play the first two and get ready for the last one.

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