Classic Stealth Puzzler ‘Gesundheit!’ Updated for iPhone X

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I was pretty darn excited to see that Revolutionary concepts, despite mostly being out of the mobile gaming world for a number of years, took the time to update two of their most unique offerings to save them from the 32-Bit Appocalypse last year. First up was UFO on Tape (Free) which received a 64-bit update in March of last year, followed by the phenomenal puzzler Gesundheit! ($3.99) which received its 64-bit update the following June. Then this past December, the developers did me one better by updating UFO on Tape with full screen support for the iPhone X, and it looked glorious. Now, following in the footsteps of its partner, Gesundheit! has also received a welcome iPhone X update and it is looking better than ever.

If you missed all the fuss when it released way back in July of 2011, Gesundheit! is a stealth puzzle game that has you guiding an adorable pig through hazard-filled levels while sneaking right by an assortment of dastardly enemies. Your pig has a bit of an allergy problem and sneezes a lot, but thankfully that’s to your advantage as the monsters in this world don’t mind gulping down some snot every now and then. Yes, Gesundheit! is filled with lighthearted gross-out humor, and by using the incredible art of Matt Hammill and some fantastic tunes, everything comes together to just be charming as all heck. This really is one of the App Store’s absolute classics, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see it continuing to live on and reach a whole new generation of players thanks to these types of updates. For a full rundown, be sure to read our original 5 star review from 2011.

Quick Note: Gesundheit! comes from a time when releasing separate iPhone and iPad versions was the norm, so just be aware that there’s no Universal version and you’ll have to decide which device you’d rather play it on. My advice? Just buy both, they’re worth it.

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