Adorably Grotesque Stealth Puzzler ‘Gesundheit!’ Updated with 64-bit Support

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I’m always keen to hear about some of my most treasured iOS games being updated to avoid the 32-bit Appocalypse that is approaching with the release of iOS 11, and amidst the business that is WWDC last week news of one such update just about slipped by me. Gesundheit! ($3.99), the adorably grotesque stealth puzzler collaboration from Australian developer Revolutionary Concepts and artist Matt Hammill, originally released way back in July of 2011 and went on to win all sorts of fancy awards from all over the place, including our own glowing 5 star review. The game was well-maintained in the couple years following its release but hasn’t seen any sort of update since early 2013. That changed last week with the release of a new update adding 64-bit support, higher resolution assets for larger iOS devices, and fixes for missing sound effects and music. If this is the first you’ve heard of Gesundheit! then definitely check out the trailer.

Oh boy, just watching that trailer gets me all excited to play through Gesundheit! all over again, which seems like a pretty good plan for an otherwise sleepy Tuesday night. Being that the game came out so long ago it’s entirely possible this is the first time many people have seen or heard of Gesundheit!, and all I can really say is that if that’s the case now is a great time to finally pick it up as it’s just been updated for the long-haul. Unfortunately it’s available in separate iPhone and iPad versions as that was how things were done back in the day, but I’d say that even if you plopped down 6 bucks for both versions that’s a pretty great deal. And, speaking of Revolutionary Concepts, their other hit title (and sadly the only other one of theirs that’s still available in the App Store), the extremely unique UFO on Tape (Free), has also been updated for 64-bit as of this past March, and apparently a sequel is in the works so I’ll really be looking forward to hearing more about that. For now though, I’m just very happy my beloved Gesundheit! will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

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