Huge ‘Dragon Hills 2’ Ancient Egypt Update Coming April 5th

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Developer Rebel Twins releases all kinds of awesome, highly-polished games, and in the spring of 2015 they released yet another one in Dragon Hills. It mashed up several types of gameplay mechanics into one cohesive experience, with a dash of Tiny Wings here and a dose of Death Worm there, and we enjoyed it a lot in our review. Last fall Rebel Twins released a sequel that amped up an already great game in pretty much every way. We loved Dragon Hills 2 ($3.99) in our review, and after about 6 months of being on the market a significant update is heading to the game on April 5th. Check out the new trailer showcasing what’s in the update.

As you can see, this update will include a new Ancient Egypt environment to ride your dragon in, as well as two shiny new dragons to ride. There will also be new enemy types to contend with, and six new ultra-challenging Mega Bosses to battle. Basically, more of all the good stuff in Dragon Hills 2. If you have yet to check this one out, I’d highly suggest dropping the three bucks to give it a shot, especially since this is a fully premium, no IAP game. Things only stand to get even better when the big Dragon Hills 2 Ancient Egypt update arrives on April 5th.

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