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‘Punch-Out!’ Inspired Boxing RPG ‘Mean Streets’ Lives, New Trailer Released

A couple of years ago (almost to the day!) we posted about a very promising upcoming game called Mean Streets which was inspired by the mechanics of classic boxing title Punch-Out! mixed with visuals that are an homage to the stylized look of Team Fortress 2. While that original trailer is no longer available, it certainly got an incredibly positive response at the time, both from commenters on our story and folks in our forums. Despite this, Mean Streets developer CraftShop Arts went quiet, and we haven’t heard any news on the project since. Well, until just last week that is, as a new thread in our forums has indicated that Mean Streets is still very much in development and CrafShop has released a new trailer showing off a work-in-progress version of the game.

Besides just being absolutely gorgeous, I also love how seamlessly Mean Streets integrates its boxing battles. There’s a whole story to go along with the action which follows you and your startup bouncer business which sees you making some scratch by solving problems in a troublesome college town where jerks are running rampant. Another twist on this story is that Mean Streets is the product of just a couple of people, and while originally intended as a free to play game they’ve now switched gears to make it a premium experience and are currently hoping to get some funding behind the development to make that happen. Any millionaire boxing game fans out there? Whatever the case, I sincerely hope Mean Streets ends up getting finished as it’s just too darn promising to not get made. In the meantime, if you like the look of this one then voice your support in the game’s forum thread.