‘Fortnite’ Releases New Wave of Invites – Come Get Some on our Discord Server

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While a ton of people have Fortnite (Free) access already, there are still a ton of folks who don’t have access yet. Well, good news: a lot of players are reporting that they’re getting new invites to the game after giving theirs out. I personally got three new ones a week after receiving mine, and other people are also saying that they have three new invites for themselves.

If you don’t have access to the Fortnite Invite Event just yet, make sure you join #fortnite_codes on our Discord server, where you can request a code, play Discord bot games like Pokecord with other users, and hand out the codes you get. Remember to share the love if and when you get your invite codes, as others still need access. And when you do get access, join #fortnite on our Discord server to to have a place to discuss Fortnite, share your Victories Royale, and find squads to play with. The TouchArcade Twitch crew might just be looking for squads to play with on stream if y’all are cool and want to carry us to victory, so check that channel regularly.

Make sure you re-launch your Fortnite app to see if you have your new invites, and if you need some folks to give them away to, there’s plenty of folks in #fortnite_codes on Discord who will gladly take them off of your hands.

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