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‘Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics’ Soft Launched in Philippines

Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is looking like an isometric take on Clash Royale (Free), and if Clash Royale wasn’t isometric enough for you, then perhaps this is what you need. Even if you’ve preregistered already, you might be anxious to try this out. Or at least, mildly curious? Well, good news: Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics has soft-launched in the Philippines. We have a forum thread for the game, too!

Now, much like other Gameloft soft launches, this one is region-locked to the Philippines. This means that playing it is difficult and possibly a bit clunky to play it, but not impossible. Our Modern Combat Versus guide to download and play a region-locked soft launch should work for you, and while a free VPN like Cloudwall isn’t perfect (it is free), it should get the job done for you if you want to check out this collectable card arena take on Blitz Brigade.