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‘Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics’ Announced by Gameloft, Pre-Registration Now Available

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Gameloft is set to bring their entry into the Clash Royale (Free) genre, or the “collectable card arena" as I’ve heard other developers in the genre diplomatically refer to it. Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics takes the aesthetics of Blitz Brigade (Free), a solid Team Fortress 2 clone for mobile, and brings them to a game where you have energy that slowly recharges, 4 units in your hand to deploy at a time, and bases to invade with 2 towers and a main base. You know the formula, kids. But hey, at least it’s got a slick isometric look. And you never know with these games: they may look similar, but one or two small changes can mean a whole lot to the game experience. Or not!

If you are intrigued by this, well, good news: pre-registration has opened up. The more people that sign up, the better the community rewards on launch. It doesn’t look like the game has quite soft launched yet, but Gameloft’s been region-locking games recently anyway, so you might have to wait for the global launch regardless.

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