‘Super Crossbar Challenge’ Is Out on the App Store, Go Kick Your Way to Glory

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If you’ve missed playing a bit of soccer on your mobile device (the options are quite limited), Super Crossbar Challenge (Free) will at least let you kick that ball a bit, although your purpose is exactly the opposite of that of a normal soccer game; instead of trying to score, your one and only goal is to hit that crossbar, emulating in that way all those soccer videos where players manage to hit the crossbar as if that thing was the size of a house wall. In Super Crossbar Challenge, you’ll have to swipe at the right angle and the right speed to keep hitting that crossbar. If you manage to perform bicycle kicks and volleys and still hit the crossbar, you’ll get even more coins. And, of course, you’ll use those coins to unlock new characters and new balls.

The game gives you plenty to do like unlocking famous players and playing in new locations, but at its core Super Crossbar Challenge is a quick skill game you can play on your phone. The game is out now and is, of course, free to play.

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