‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Ep. 4 Coming to Mobile Later This Week

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And they’ve done it to us again. Telltale used to release the iOS and Android versions of the various episodes simultaneously with other platforms, but there have been instances recently where the mobile versions arrived a few days later than the rest. And it looks like that’s the case with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Free) Episode 4, Thicker Than Water, which was supposed to release today but will be coming “later this week." Previous announcements forgot to include that small clarification, which was why we reported the episode was coming out today. At least it’s only a day or two delay, which isn’t too bad.

Players seem to be a bit mixed on this season so far, with reactions ranging from lukewarm to enthusiastic declarations that the game is better than The Walking Dead series. I haven’t played it yet (still playing through other seasons), so I don’t have an opinion on the matter. Only a few more days to wait, then, until you can get your hands on Thicker Than Water.

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