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Humorous Dungeon Crawler ‘Dungeon Rushers’ Gets New Trailer Ahead of February 23rd Launch on Mobile

Just about a month after its official release on Steam, we learned that Goblinz Studio was partnering with Out There ($4.99) developer Mi-Clos to bring the humorous dungeon crawling game Dungeon Rushers over to mobile. The following month, Goblinz opened up beta testing to the community and has been working hard on the mobile version since, and earlier this month they announced that Dungeon Rushers would finally be hitting the App Store on February 23rd. Through all those articles about Dungeon Rushers, one thing has remained constant: Our only trailer for the game was an extremely old one from April of last year when the game was just entering Steam Early Access. Well that ends today! A brand new trailer for Dungeon Rushers has been released, rejoice people!

Old trailer or new, Dungeon Rushers has always looked extremely awesome to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the mobile version. The game seems to have amassed quite a dedicated following on desktop, and it seems like the kind of game that will be an even more perfect fit for the touchscreen. You can still talk about this one in our forums ahead of its launch, otherwise be on the lookout for Dungeon Rushers on the App Store February 23rd at a price of $4.99.