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‘Dungeon Rushers’ Set to Hit Mobile on February 23rd

Mi-Clos Studio and Goblinz Studio have announced that their PC dungeon crawler Dungeon Rushers is set to hit iOS and Android on February 23rd. The 2D game of exploring dungeons, using character abilities to find traps and secrets, then going into battle against hordes of enemies. The developers are promising over 20 hours of content, not to mention user-created content that you can create and play for yourself.

Our forums have helped beta test this one out, and I’ve played a bit of the beta myself. The game adapts quite well to mobile, and its RPG-style group combat is a nice touch for a dungeon crawler. I’m used to playing a lot more solo affairs. Plus, the humorous theme is a nice touch. This one should be worth keeping an eye on once it hits later this month.