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Mi-Clos and Goblinz Studio’s ‘Dungeon Rushers’ Needs Mobile Testers

I was excited to hear about Dungeon Rushers coming to mobile, with publishing by Mi-Clos. Sure, I could play it on PC, but I would rather play it on my iPad. Wouldn’t you? Well, if you can’t wait till February, then good news: developer Goblinz Studio is opening up beta testing slots for iOS and Android users. Just fill out this handy form here and you can sign up to get into the mobile beta of Dungeon Rushers.

If you want to offer your UDID (Goblinz could theoretically use it to get builds faster to users they add to their device list manually to fix bugs quickly), you can do so by plugging your device into iTunes, getting to your device’s Summary page, and clicking on the serial number to reveal the UDID, which you can copy by right-clicking. And be sure to head to our forums to discuss this one further.