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‘Feudal Feud’ Is a Promising Multiplayer Diplomacy/Conquest Game

Do you have any qualms about subjugating your neighbors and turning them into obedient vassals? How about conquering without mercy? And what about being all diplomatic while perhaps scheming at the same time? If you like doing all that and like to do so alongside 100 other players, the upcoming Feudal Feud is probably for you. This diplomacy, conquest, and strategy wargame lite (as the developers call it) will play in real time over a period of a few weeks, and during that time you’ll try and dominate your region. When you conquer someone, their game doesn’t end; instead, they become your vassals and then can revolt if they so desire.

The other interesting mechanic is that you have limited life expectancy, which means sometimes it’s better to wait for the current liege to die instead of just starting a war. But the best part of this game is that players can’t be destroyed, which makes it more fun for everyone. Subterfuge (Free), a similar strategy game, had the problem of the end-game usually coming down to two players fighting it out because the other 10 lost at some point along the way. I like the idea behind Feudal Feud, and I hope it ends up being as fun as it sounds.