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Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s ‘Thimbleweed Park’ Gets a New Trailer for Gamescom

We’ve been really excited for Thimbleweed Park, a new adventure game from two of the creators behind Lucasarts classic Maniac Mansion, since we posted the first trailer for the game this past March. Another video surfaced in June, and continued to stoke the fire of anticipation for the game. With Gamescom this week, another new Thimbleweed Park video has been released, this one focusing on one of the game’s five playable characters, an aspiring game developer named Delores Edmund. Check it out.

I’ve got to say, the more I see of Thimbleweed Park, the more excited I get to finally get my hands on it. The artwork and voice acting are incredible, and you can most definitely sense the vibe of those classic Lucasarts adventure games. With multiple characters and tons of interesting environments to explore, Thimbleweed Park looks like it will be another great entry in the resurgent adventure game category. It’ll be on pretty much every platform sometime in early 2017 and we’ll bring you any additional news on its development as it happens.