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‘Maniac Mansion’ Creators’ Upcoming Adventure ‘Thimbleweed Park’ Gets a Creepy New Trailer

Back in November of 2014, two of the creators behind classic point-and-click adventure Maniac Mansion Kickstarted a new adventure game project called Thimbleweed Park. It’s been in development for quite a while and we got our first glimpse of the game in action when a teaser trailer was released back in early March. Today another new trailer has been released, also of the teaser variety, and the tone of it is unsettling to say the least.

In Thimbleweed Park you’ll play as one of a variety of characters as an investigation commences when a body is found in the river just outside of town. Of course, every sign points to there being much more to the story here than a simple dead body investigation, and as this newest trailer shows there’s some creepy stuff happening in this sleepy little town. Expect more info on Thimbleweed Park, most likely at E3 next week, ahead of its planned launch sometime in early 2017.