Square Enix’s Apple Watch RPG ‘Cosmos Rings’ is Now Available

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The Chaos Rings series holds an important part in mobile gaming history, as it was among the first truly full-featured sets of original games made specifically for mobile devices. That coupled with the fact that Square Enix was the developer lent a lot of credibility to mobile as a true gaming platform back in its formative years. Sadly, Square Enix pulled the older Chaos Rings games, among other titles, last month due to incompatibility with newer iOS hardware, and as of right now only Chaos Rings 3 ($19.99) is still available. So it sure was weird when a week ago Square Enix announced a brand new game in the Chaos Rings series, only this time it was exclusively for the Apple Watch. That game, called Cosmos Rings ($8.99), is now available.

So, what’s the deal with Square Enix making an Apple Watch game? While the tiny wrist-worn devices are pretty capable at playing games, it’s not exactly the most conducive place to do so, and there haven’t been many Apple Watch games that have tailored their gameplay to the periodic glances you give a watch throughout the day. Perhaps this was just a silly side project one of the Chaos Rings developers was working on, and the higher ups saw it and thought it was worth polishing up and releasing? Or perhaps Square Enix is trying to do what they did with the iPhone back in 2010 and legitimize the Apple Watch as a gaming platform using the Chaos Rings name? Who knows!

I certainly find the existence of Cosmos Rings interesting if nothing else, but I have yet to fire it up so can’t really comment on the gameplay just yet. In fact, I haven’t really been taken with any Apple Watch games thus far, so if this is the one to break through that barrier for me then I’m totally on board. You can grab Cosmos Rings yourself for $5.99, which is a sale price I might add, but I guess it’s no surprise to see Square Enix targeting the higher price tiers. If you want to read some player impressions or leave your own, be sure to stop by the Cosmos Rings forum thread.


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