DeNA’s ‘Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians’ Is a CCG For Those Looking For A Bit More Complexity

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If you’re looking for a CCG that promises a higher degree of complexity than a game like Hearthstone but one that’s still quick to play, you might want to check out the just-released Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians (Free) by DeNA. In Deckstorm‘s matches, players throw cards down simultaneously, which is a nice change from most other CCGs. Because of this mechanic, matches take much less time than your average CCG, and the tactics required are quite different. You have to try and anticipate your opponent’s move rather than wait for the move and then counter it. It’s a refreshing change, and I always enjoy seeing developers trying to deviate from the formula.

At the same time, Deckstorm offers a very deep card progression system that makes the game feel more like an RPG rather than a CCG at times. If you’re the kind of player who likes to tinker with your collection for hours, this is a game you should check out for sure. The game also offers a long campaign, plenty of modes – including bi-weekly tournaments and daily challenges – and it’s all dressed up in a lovely art style. Deckstorm is clearly aiming for players who enjoy midcore (still not crazy about this term) and hardcore card games, and I think there’s an audience for that on the App Store. The game is, of course, F2P, and is out now.

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