Don’t Walk Around Barefoot, Chillingo’s ‘Micro Machines’ Has Hit the App Store Ahead of Schedule

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Although many indies have tried to replicate the tiny racing feeling of classic early ’90s release Micro Machines on mobile, the actual licensed IP has been strangely absent from the App Store. Way back in October of last year, Chillingo and original Micro Machines developer Codemasters announced a partnership to revive the series for mobile, and after a fairly lengthy soft-launch period their new Micro Machines (Free) has hit the App Store just ahead of its previously announced July 14th global release date.

As you can see, this new Micro Machines brings all the same kinds of tiny racetracks that made the original so charming, but with modern visuals and features. You can collect a whopping 63 different Micro Machines and compete with other players online in multiplayer. It all looks and sounds great, with the only wild card being that it’s a very free to play game. On a positive note, the soft-launch version at one point received an update with an energy system which was very poorly received, and Chillingo thankfully nixed the idea prior to this global launch.

As someone who owned a million actual Micro Machines and enjoyed the early video games back in the day, I’m excited to finally check out this new Micro Machines. Check it out for free, and let everyone know what you think in the game’s forum thread.

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