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Chillingo’s ‘Micro Machines’ Is Releasing Globally July 14th

Micro Machines, the new, updated version of the legendary racing game, has been in the soft-launch oven baking for quite some time now, but it appears that it’s finally time for it to be served. We wrote about the game going into soft-launch back in November, and the developers sure took their time with it because it’s going worldwide July 14th. This was quite the soft-launch period, but it looks like the game saw some major changes during that time. According to our forums, the game originally had the usual energy timer trappings of F2P games, and that didn’t sit very well with most. However, it looks like a couple of weeks ago a new update removed the energy timer and, instead, added ads. It remains to be seen, of course, whether the game will launch with or without those energy timers.

As for the game itself, it comes with 10 tracks of your usual Micro Machines style (desktops, pool tables, and so on), 63 vehicles to collect, a new Battle Arena mode where you can use nerf blasters against your opponents, 3 race modes in which you can equip over 100 upgrades, and more. Hopefully the whole neft blasters thing will give the quite tired recipe a fresh taste. The game’s coming out July 14th worldwide.