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Chillingo’s ‘Micro Machines’ Soft Launches, Release Soon?

Not long ago, Chillingo and Codemasters announced that they were bringing a new Micro Machines game to mobile. And apparently that game is near release, as it’s just soft-launched in the Philippines. While this does mean that it’s free-to-play, there’s some promising stuff to this game. First off, the game features the whole classic aesthetic from the original Micro Machines games, just updated with modern visuals. Also, the game has you racing against other players, or at least their cars. Whether these are actual players or not is something I’ve yet to really figure out, but there is an actual local multiplayer mode against other players if that’s your speed.

The monetization comes in with car upgrades, a two-tier currency, card packs which contain car parts to assemble new vehicles, daily bonuses, boosts, and the like. But above all, it does have racing with tiny cars around tables and other unorthodox tracks, so y’know, it ain’t all bad. This one is promised to release this year, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was really soon, this could just be a test to make sure that the server component works and the monetization isn’t totally borked.