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The Fantastic ‘Armajet’ Is Offering Priority Beta Testing to Alpha Players for the Upcoming Summer Beta

If you managed to play some Armajet during its relatively short Alpha, then you’ll know why mobile players are very excited. Armajet is a very entertaining 2D shooter that brings to mobile the quick, competitive fun of classic PC shooters. I played it pretty much daily throughout its Alpha, and I have to say that it was easily one of the most fun mobile games I’ve played in a bit. Unfortunately, as with all good things, the Alpha came to an end two days ago, and now all we can do is look forward to the Beta opening at some point this Summer. Yesterday, Super Bit Machine sent out emails to all Alpha players offering them priority spots for when the Beta opens. If you haven’t received the email, check your Junk mail or go here to sign up either for iOS or Android.

Despite playing the game briefly and despite some alpha-related issues and some design issues, I was very impressed with Armajet. The game is pure fun distilled in short matches that perfectly match mobile players’ habits. Being able to jump in quickly, kill a few people over a couple of rounds lasting a total of 10 minutes, and then pop out to continue with my day was great fun and ensures that this will be a game I’ll return to many times throughout the day.

While the game isn’t perfect – there are some balance issues with the weapons, some weird down times between matches, and a lack of social features – I’m very excited about Armajet. I just hope the developers realize that while the game has great potential, great potential needs a lot of effort to be realized into a great game.