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‘Armajet’ Adds Custom Games, Still in Beta Though

Armajet is a very entertaining 2D shooter that I’ve spent quite some time with, even though the game is still in beta. Today, the developers have finally added to the game a long-requested feature, Custom Games. Custom Games allow you to set the game as public or private, pick the game mode, pick between 2 to 8 players, and pick a map. You can even decide whether to allow the game to be spectated. This new feature is definitely a welcome addition and will definitely offer new ways of playing the game; 1v1 matches will be very entertaining, I think. What’s missing, though, is the ability to decide what weapons to be allowed in the game.

If you haven’t played Armajet yet, you can check out some of our streams on Mobcrush and, of course, hop over to our forums to see what others are saying about the game. I don’t have a release date yet, but hopefully it’s not too far out.