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‘Armajet’ Getting Esport Buzz Even While in Beta

Every time I play the 2D shooter Armajet on our Mobcrush channel, anyone who’s watching and doesn’t already know the game gets very excited, and I think for good reason. This very competitive multiplayer arena game offers a very tight package with characters that control very well, plenty of weapons that are different enough to matter, and ever-improving social elements like clans. And while the game is still in beta, it’s already getting some esports buzz, which is a bit surprising not because of the quality of the game but because the game isn’t finished yet.

According to an announcement today, Hammers Esports, an organization that focuses on mobile sports and has teams in games like Vainglory, Hearthstone, and Clash Royale, is merging with Orion, one of Armajet‘s best clans. Out of this merge we’ll get the Hammer Esports clan. While not all games work as esports and not all esport games end up with a strong enough following, I think it’s a sign of how popular Armajet is becoming even in its unfinished state. I’m curious to see how much attention this game will receive once the game is officially released.