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Could ‘Warpship’ be the Next Stop for Frustrated ‘Clash Royale’ Players?

When Clash Royale (Free) descended into out plane of existence, it felt like the harbinger for a lot of other short-form multiplayer games. Warpship, now in soft launch, feels like it’s going for that exact thing. You and another opponent face off in real time, using energy similar to Clash Royale‘s elixir to summon units into the plane of battle. Where things start to differ is that the game isn’t lane-based at all, instead having you go straight after the enemy base. Each player has a persistent health that wears down over time, can be increased by killing enemies, and of course, if you go after the enemy base, it’ll hurt it. You also have separate abilities that can be deployed that are separate from your unit summons to use too. While there doesn’t seem to be a fixed match time, this tutorial video shows off a short match and explains the game:

Check out the thread in the upcoming games forum for more on this one, where the developers may answer your questions. Warpship could be interesting – it’ll be tough to compete with Supercell and Clash Royale, of course. But, Clash Royale is young and new enough of a concept that I think there’s still refining of this kind of gameplay to be done. And there’s frustration with the game among some players that could lead them to have a wandering eye, and maybe Warpship will be where they land.

Canadian iTunes Link: Warpship