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Colorful Arena Runner ‘Crashing Season’ Arrives Thursday, New Launch Trailer Released

We first talked about Koukoi Games’ upcoming arena runner Crashing Season about a month ago when the slick look of the trailer caught our eye, and we talked about it again earlier this month when Koukoi had submitted the game to Apple for approval and had their fingers crossed for a May 26th release. Well, guess what? The game is approved and is indeed coming out on May 26th! In case you’ve missed it before, Crashing Season is all about different animals taking revenge on their hunters by running around various arena environments and literally crashing into them to take them out. Check out this brand new launch trailer.

As you can see, Crashing Season has a lot in common with our 2015 Game of the Year Land Sliders (Free) in that it has a similar colorful, low-poly art style and the concept is similar in that you’re running around bordered levels completing missions and moving onto the next level. The difference is that in Land Sliders you’re trying to avoid running into enemies, and in Crashing Season your entire purpose is to run into every enemy. It seems like a really cool concept and I’m interested to see if taking the endless runner and putting it into confined arena-style levels will put a nice twist on the well-trodden formula. We’ll find out this Thursday when Crashing Season arrives in the App Store, and in the meantime if you want a closer look at the nuts and bolts of the game check out this recent gameplay video from Koukoi.