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Space Strategy Adventure ‘Star Nomad 2’ Arrives on iOS June 1st

In late 2014, indie developer Anh Huy Phan brought an incredibly ambitious space combat/trading/RPG/strategy adventure called Star Nomad Elite ($1.99) to the App Store, and despite some rough edges, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Many of the features that were lacking from Star Nomad Elite and all the player feedback was being poured into a sequel, and in December of last year that sequel Star Nomad 2 released to generally positive acclaim on Steam. Here’s the trailer from the Steam release.

Earlier this year we learned by way of our forums that Star Nomad 2 was being ported to iOS, and earlier this month we learned that that port was extremely close to submission. Fast forward just a few weeks later and Phan has reached out to let us know that Star Nomad 2 for iOS is approved and will be hitting the App Store on June 1st. Star Nomad 2, like the first game, looks like an incredibly ambitious space strategy sandbox game, and has even been described as blends of fan favorites like Mount & Blade and FTL ($9.99) which should get a lot of people pretty excited. I’m interested to see how the mobile port of Star Nomad 2 turns out when it arrives on June 1st.