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New ‘Death Road to Canada’ Live Action Trailer Features Zombies, Explosions, and a Driving Dog

deathroadlogoIt’s been, like, two and a half years since Rocketcat Games and Madgarden announced their collaborative project Death Road to Canada, a “Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator" in their own words. Since that announcement, Death Road to Canada has shot right to the top of many gamers’ most anticipated lists, myself included. Unfortunately, progress on Death Road’s development has been slow going, to put it lightly.

There was a new trailer released in October of 2014, and we caught a demo of the game at PAX Prime in August of last year. To be fair, Rocketcat has provided smaller but more frequent updates on their Facebook page as well as for their Kickstarter backers, but us commoners have been waiting with baited breath for any tidbits of news about Death Road. Well that slow trickle is hopefully ending today as Rocketcat has sent over some new information on Death Road as well as this extremely wacky live-action trailer for the game. Check it out.

That trailer is amazing. Also, Rocketcat’s Kepa Auwae has started a brand new thread in our upcoming games forum as they’re planning on dumping a lot more information on the game leading up to its release. Speaking of release, Death Road will be coming to PC first in the first third of the year, with an iOS port to follow. So even in the best case scenario we’ll have quite a while to wait, but at this point, if I can get Death Road on my iPhone before the end of 2016 I’ll actually be pretty excited! Expect the official website to get updated regularly too, and hopefully this will be the year when we finally get to flee from Florida to Canada escaping the zombie apocalypse in Death Road to Canada.