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‘Clash Royale’ from ‘Clash of Clans’ Developers Soft Launches, Combining MOBAs and CCGs

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Supercell has just unveiled a new game in the Clash of Clans (Free) universe, and it’s looking like an intriguing mix of styles. Clash Royale is their new game, and it’s currently soft launched in a number of territories, including Canada and New Zealand. The game combines many familiar Clash of Clans elements with real-time strategy; MOBA-esque elements as you attack other players’ towers and bases; and CCGs, as you use cards with elixir costs to attack your opponents. Supercell has posted a video of some actual gameplay showing off how it all works:

They also have a video interviewing the developers, talking about what went into the game:

Now, while the game is currently soft-launched, it is possible that this never sees the light of day. Supercell has canceled games that were in soft launch before, such as Smash Land, for underperforming. This stinks if you play these games or like the idea of them and never get to see them fully come to fruition. But there’s a lot of game ideas that never reach completion due to not being very good, it’s just that the process is often less public. And Supercell, thanks to having 3 uber-hits on their hands, have the latitude to make sure that they’re producing future hits. But considering that this combines Clash of Clans with MOBAs and card games, and the big PR push behind the game, it’d be difficult to see this one fading into nothingness.

Check out the forum thread for some discussion on the game.

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