Sales Round-Up: ‘Legend Of Grimrock’, ‘Horizon Chase’, ‘Out There’, And More On Sale For $0.99

Hey, friends. You all look like you could use a mid-week pick-up to get you through the weekend. Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty darned energized when I buy something, and there are a bunch of great games on sale right now that make it easy to do just that. There’s quite the grab bag on offer here, with games that fit a wide variety of tastes, from the outstanding RPG Legend Of Grimrock to the fun arcade racer Horizon Chase. For some of these games, it’s their first time on sale, so getting them for $0.99 is quite the treat. The full list, with links to reviews where applicable, follows.

Although I couldn’t find a reason for this sale at the time of writing, it looks like a list that Apple might have organized for a feature. If that’s the case, you’ve probably got less than a week to pick these titles up for cheap, so get your wishlist together and find a few bucks as soon as you can! Oh, and as usual, the prices might not be showing in the article links yet, but I assure you, if you click through, you will find a delicious deal.