‘Crossy Road’ Developers’ New Game ‘Shooty Skies’ Out Now

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Here’s a little surprise for you: Shooty Skies (Free), a new game from two-thirds of the crew that created Crossy Road (Free), is out now. Developed by Matt Hall and Andy Sum of Hipster Whale, along with a couple other long-time Australian game development veterans in Ben Britten and Matt Ditton, this is an arcade-y shoot ’em up full of the voxel graphics that Crossy Road was known for, but now you’re shooting enemies instead of just crossing roads.

The shooting is fast and frantic, using a system where you charge your weapon up by not having your finger on the screen, in order to unlock a powerful shot. You can get additional characters, unlock powerful weapons for a limited amount of time, and continue, all through using coins. Obviously, as the game from the Crossy Road developers, I’m interested to see how this works out from a monetization standpoint, and if the game becomes popular. Pac-Man 256 (Free) got 10 million downloads, but there’s always a question of how that next game is gonna do. This one seems like a unique, fast-paced take on the shoot ’em up genre right off the bat, though.

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