King’s Latest Game ‘Pyramid Solitaire Saga’ Now Available

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Following the release of the surprisingly fun Bubble Witch 2 Saga about a month ago, King is already back with a new iOS offering with Pyramid Solitaire Saga (Free), which hit the App Store worldwide on the 4th of July. Like all of King’s games, Pyramid Solitaire Saga takes a tried-and-true gameplay mechanic–in this case the classic pyramid solitaire–and injects it with a level-based progression system and cutesy graphics.

It’s easy to be cynical about King games, but it’s hard to deny that their catalog has garnered millions of fans in the crazy world of mobile games. I’ve never really caught the fever for any of King’s games, but after sitting down to check out Pyramid Solitaire Saga “real quick" and losing nearly two hours working my way through the beginnings of the game, this might be the one that hooks me. It’s also probably due to it being very similar gameplay-wise to Fairway Solitaire, which I’m a huge fan of.

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So hey, if you’re not a fan of King games, then there’s nothing to see here! You can easily satiate your hardcore gaming hunger with the recently-released Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. But, if you like the occasional casual game, and especially if you like variations on solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire Saga is worth the free download to check out and see if it’s for you. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts or seek out strategies in our forums.

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